Product Name:
Fracture Pan

Part Number:
Slipper pan

Product Description:
  • Can be used by both male and female patients
  • The slipper pan is used in conjunction with a slipper pan support. The pan is inserted into the support and administered to the patient. The clinically acceptable method of administering a slipper pan is by rolling the patient on their side, placing the pan against their bottom and rolling the patient back onto their back.
  • Once the pan has been used, carefully remove the pan by sliding it away from the patient. The pan is shallow and easy to spill and a drop sheet is commonly placed beneath the the patient prior to use.
  • Disposable product for increased hygiene and reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Made of recyclable materials for use with reusable support
  • Steady when standing because of flat bottom surface
  • Strong sides able to support weight of contents when full
  • Product is stack-able and easy to separate